Had my first good mala-petaka meal with my beng, lian and a rannie. Gonna miss these idiots when they go for exchange. I think I’m too old to chill and talk about anything under the sun, or maybe I’m just dead inside; tired after a whole day of reservist and shit. It’s gonna be almost 2am soon, gonna have IHG binjai volleyball soon, hopefully I’ll be able to muster some strength to atleast not be a burden in my team.

Celebrated my nephew Fariz and Aisyah (I seriously don’t know what’s the proper spelling but as long as it sounds alright) and had our first full picture with everyone inside minus our Father; i mean he’s not really there anyway. But it’s fine.

Gonna post a few more pictures from google photos that I shot from my pixel 3XL

Trying my best to distance from her although her company feels really good outside all the drama in our daily lives; but hope that this friendship could last and transcend time.