mood: insecure

I think I should just scrap the mood thingy. It will always be negative everytime I post here. Sometimes I really do wonder why life is so tiring.

Like you have to entertain and be good upon others, just so that you could barely maintain a good friendship or relationship. I’m seriously pretty sure everyone would get tired of me one day. Why do I even bother to try.

Time are passing by so fast, but still my heart aren’t able to fully trust anyone. Especially if it’s someone which I have uncertain future for. So bleak and so dark, just like Veronica. So unsure of everything. Maybe it’s really time for me to rethink my path whether should I just discard everything and live alone, doing my own things without bothering people.

I mean come on, I could have just went back home today but I still stayed on thinking that we could spend some time together, atleast be there but nope. Never told me you had something on, like always. And waited while you hang out with your other guy friends. What if the role is reversed? I’m sure I would rush back just cause I know you’re at my room waiting for me.


I’m tired of life.