mood: depressed

It’s already the year 2017. Didn’t update anything for the year 2016. But it was a great year I feel. Atleast it’s better than this year. Even though I had a few arguments with Lenny and the gang, we had a great time at Sabah and spend most of the time chilling and have some good time talking.

Got into NTU and enrolled in School of ADM. Though initially I wanted to major in Interactive Media, as always I let fate decide my path through out life and just try my best at the things I do.

The first semester was hell as the gap year took its toll on me. Especially when you’re trying to balance between work and school. 😔

Kind of disappointed to myself that I didn’t attain the GPA that I wanted for the first semester but then again I realised that building my portfolio tend to have more incentives rather than mere GPA.

And ended the year with a chalet at downtown east with Lenny and the Gang.

This year tends to start a little shitty, didn’t manage to get the animation job from R&D due to unable to meet the client’s expectations, had a fall out with the Auteur people (suddenly got kicked out of telegram group without notice), had a bike accident after 8 years of not having any, and now this?

Seriously I’m not even trying to complain or anything but, if I never say anything, then you’ll say I’m keeping things to myself, then if I’m trying to let out you find me a turn off. Why?

Sometimes I really wonder if I really am just fated to be this way. Everyone that I hold close either leave me or just get tired of my shit. I’m really trying to be better everyday but if being me means I have to keep everyone away at an arms length, then I’d rather be alone.

After all, it has always been this way since the very beginning..