The semester ended two weeks ago, but I am pretty much still busy with my wedding assignments and my quest to gain back all those sleepless nights rushing my assignments. A brief note that this post will be picture-heavy as I want to document what I’ve been doing in school and hopefully give some useful help to potential juniors or freshies coming to School of Art, Design & Media in NTU.

Firstly, it was a great choice taking Narratives first as it’s not very content-heavy and I got to learn how to write good stories, although my English needs some brushing up.

I held her ice-cold face with tears rolling down my cheeks and took one final look before the paramedics carried her body away. It slowly began to sink in that she was gone forever. I clenched my fist, swearing to myself that I would save her from dying. Her case was left unsolved and conveniently swept under the rug as suicide due to a lack of evidence, when in truth it had been a blatant homicide. Now, all that I had left were the fading memories of her. Deep down I knew I had to do something — anything — to set things right. But just… how?

An excerpt from my first Narrative assignment of about 1200 words. If anybody wants to read it, do comment and I will gladly provide the direct link to it. 🙂

We (my groupmates and I) also did Interactive Storytelling using YouTube as our platform to deliver our story called Doppelganger. You may click the link here to play it, but do note that we only had about 2 weeks to do everything (along with our other 4 projects), so it was all about Completion rather than Perfection – a mantra I learned from juggling my schoolwork with my freelance work.


A not-so-glamorous picture of me but please bear with it. I did not sleep for the entire night rushing this last piece for one of our core modules, Foundation 2D, for a project based on Ego. I don’t exactly have specific skills that I am good at but I chose design manipulation to craft these works as it was only based on colour schemes. As such, it was the fastest way to finish up the project. We also experimented with inks for our first project and for the second project, it was the tote bag collection that you would have seen on the homepage.

Did I mention we have Foundation 3D as well? Gosh, I love that module because it is so fun creating things out of nothing. By that, I mean that we literally scavenged random things from home and created animals. Look at my class’s Zootopia! I really love how everyone is so creative in their own ways that I feel so normal at times – too normal. But well, I guess that’s just weird in its own way too. Also, I learned how to sew with a needle and thread to make a string sculpture. We later even played around with lights and shadows. I know my projects are simple but that just shouts me which is what I aim for.

I also uploaded our Foundation 4D’s final project onto my portfolio titled DATE.H which you can watch and cringe. Hopefully you don’t puke at my bad directing… Please do give me some feedback on how I can improve. Other than that, it was quite a fast-paced environment (and I definitely expected that) though it’s a pity that time passes by so much faster when we’re busy.

Hopefully I will be able to update this space as frequently as I hope.

Till then,