mood: neutral

Finally I have the time to sit down on my desk and write in this secret stash once again. Life have been pretty much stagnant (not that they never were) but there were a few occassions and events worth mentioning I guess.

First of all, I have finally finished my National Service this year on the 12 of June 2015. It was very long journey, 2 years went by with so much things happening but I know that I was the only one standing still, not moving on from that day. For all those friendships that I have forged along the way, I sincerely thank you for coping with me. After all, I’m just a nobody.

Fast forward, I’m currently working at Temasek Polytechnic as an application (courseware) developer and I could say that I am pretty much settled in temporarily until next year March or June. Learnt a lot of new things and knowledge that I hope could be useful in the days to come.

During my birthday itself, I had a very pleasant surprise from the people above. I was really really super touched cause I actually just wanted to chill and not even think about my birthday itself. So to you all, thank you so much. It was definitely a heartwarming surprise and I think it’s really true that quality > quantity. In any case, I hope I would be of service to you people even though at times I really just feel like slapping your mouths with the hurtful comments, cause I know I am really just a nobody, who doesn’t have anything good, and always the worse one among my friends. But I guess everyone has their own weaknesses. I’m just a tad bit envious of those who is better looking than me, it’s like they do not even need to put any effort in getting anyone. 


Can I say that after all these years, I am really feeling so neutral, so empty but also sad? Cause it’s really true, I just do not know what I want anymore in life. I don’t even have the thought of wanting to like or love someone else again, not after everything that has happened.

Let’s just see what happens in the days to come, I hope.