mood: feeling utterly depressed

I am here again, back in this sanctuary, feeling depressed all over with the same old things its like I never even moved in the first place. Stuck in a void that seems lost where everyone is moving rapidly and leaving me behind.

It’s kind of tired to keep up the happy front with everyone. But then again, who would understand this empty feeling of mine. It’s like I cant be content with anything anymore. All the ones that I’ve loved, sweep me in the dust.

It was my birthday yesterday, didn’t feel like it cause it just seemed like a normal day. Went out with Hidayah, someone who I got to know last year just because. Oh well at least I did something for my day.

Went driving just now as my traffic police practical test is coming soon, on 21st November. I really hope I do pass though. Saw Amanda, Shahrin saw me, and Raimi as well. Met up with Raimi at the hospital as it was quite near to my house and I didn’t have any plans. He was visiting his dad and he looked kind of pale, and different. 

In any case, it was good meeting him cause it has been awhile. My best buddy since 05. Had simpang with him and caught up with each other. And accidentally met Sally as well. What a day, keep bumping to random people.


Retrieved this from Sally, I don’t even recall signing this, but apparently that was my 08 signature so it’s like kind of legit. What was I thinking back then. No wonder every time I see her face there’s always a small flame, just like the others. 

I wonder if I could retrieve any more of this kind of gems.