mood: lazy saturday

3 months have passed since I wrote in my sanctuary. I have finally commissioned and posted out of Home Team Academy and off to Airport Division as an Assistant Manpower Officer. It’s really not as bad as I think, cause I have a great senior partner with me, and also Abang Din which surprisingly have the same frequency (of nonsense) as me!

Have been listening to this song as every time i tuned in to my radio, it always plays and I’m currently quite hooked to it. I don’t know but I’ve ever wrote before that I’m only just a normal human, with feelings ever so fragile at times and every time I close my eyes it feels like nothing ever change at all. After all these years.

I have no feelings for anyone yet, up to this day. Keep saying that I’ll move on and try for any lady but I always give up halfway. Maybe I’m really do scared of commitments after all.

Nothing much really happened these few days, everyday seems like the same. Didn’t go out as much as I used to back then, everyone’s too busy with their own commitments that they can’t really find the time to meet and catchup.

One of my best moments in life, having completed the course and halfway through National Service. I guess I really did leave everything to fate. I’d just hope that one day will come sooner and I will find that one.

But until then, I hope I will find the strength to carry on.