mood: sleepy x 2

Is it really true that when you hit 20s time passes by really really fast? Everytime I come back here to post something, it will already be weeks since I came back here, and yet.. nothing really changes. Everything still stays stagnant, I am still me, serving the country and I am still yet to commission. But nevertheless let’s see what I’ve been up to.

Currently listening to this song, while on my attachment to Changi NPC this song was playing on the radio and kinda reflect on what I was feeling today. Time after time, I am still waiting for that someone; waiting for things to happen even though I know it’s kind of hard these days with everyone being so self-centered.


Oh and I met my coursemates, with my favourite lady Miss Sabby. Had a really bad crush with her (and still am) but I know nothing will happen as she’s happily with another guy who I believe will take care of her better than I do. After all I am only just a normal average person with nothing to stand out anyway. 

Tomorrow’s my night shift, I guess I shall update soon. Until then, please stay strong, myself. 3 more months till commissioning.