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It’s already the February of 2014. As always, time has passed by so fast since I came here, writing pieces of my feelings which is buried deep within. Was kind of busy serving the nation as an Officer Cadet in the SPF. Can say I am actually quite proud and comfortable in here, seeing the last post before I was kind of nervous. 

Nevertheless, it has been 4 months and nothing in my life changed that much. Mundane, empty as the days goes by; booking out just to rest at home and yet booking in just to train. I’m drifting away from the life that I once had. *sigh*

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as I had a dream about Veronica, also with 2 of my best squad mates Marcus & Idris. I can’t really remember the whole dream but these words has been stuck in my mind from I woke up.

V: You haven’t moved on.
Me: Why you say that?
V: Cause you still have the same watch, the very same watch I gave it to you for your 20th birthday.

And I was speechless at that dream, didn’t know what to say and do as she just looks at me. I guess being with her for 3-4 years really left a deep scar inside me, subconsciously haven’t been able to move on even though I’m trying my best. Furthermore I’m still serving my NS I don’t think I would be better anytime soon.

“and now you found your own replacement.
I swear now that I can’t take it,
knowing somebody’s got my baby.”