mood: sick, depressed.

It’s 9:46pm, just passed my extra helmet to Afiq as he needed to send his younger brother home. It’s been so long since I last look at this secret sanctuary of mine. This year has been so tough I barely made it here. Didn’t plan anything for countdown tonight for the first time after so long, I’m just staying at home. And because of that most of my friends all have made their own plans which is good for them. I do not mind though. After all, it has always been like this before I met Veronica, right..?

This made me realize, after all this time everyone has their own sets of friends but where’s mine? Since young I was always being alone, out of place not able to fit in to any clique. Is it just me? From my Aljunied friends, to secondary school, up until now it seems that I have lost too much. If only I could restart all over again. 
I miss having friends, friends who you could count on no matter what, it seems like everyone’s just drifting away from me; moving on with their life.


Happy new year everyone, I hope 2013 will be better in time.