mood: ridiculously speechless.

I’m still up right now because of work just now. Trying to do my Major Project but it seems that I can’t seem to concentrate because I’m very sleepy yet I am still up and hungry. What is wrong with me really?

I do not know.

Veronica finally made the move and decided to block me from Facebook straight. Kind of felt very speechless as when I said would we still be friends and she herself affirms it and yet ironically she was the one who cut things off first. Just like her bestfriend, Lirong, which cut off every thing from Jia Jun. If her next boyfriend is a Malay again, I swear I would just slap her face and make her eat her own words. I’m really feeling a little bit frustrated as she really contradicts whatever she said.

But it’s fine, as I still haven’t shed a single tear up until now as it is too ridiculous to do so. Maybe I have grown numb to all this shit, and I’m kind of tired. 

Whatever it is, I hope my next one would be better, someone who appreciates me, open up to me, and for sure I will try my best as well.