mood: thankful

Made my night, :’)

It is really nearing to the end of times as it seems that time has been passing by so quickly. I couldn’t even grasp of what happen today, yesterday or even last week as it just happen in the blink of an eye. In just two days, it will be Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Promised myself to help out with the cleaning at the house but I really can’t as I have a lot to do for my major project. Feels like shit every single time whenever I think about my own project. 

Last week was a very fast week, had Iftar with the usual peeps on Friday. Some people didn’t turn up, but it was still an o-k catchup session with everyone seeing that we only meet up every once in a few months. Syaafik gotten a new bike, like finally. Felt so happy for him as atleast he could travel anywhere easily since he lives quite far. And thank you Melvin for joining along even though everyone is being such an irritating typical Malay baskets (*haha*) by choosing malay songs during karaoke session after the Sakura Iftar. 

tomorrow, at this time
where will you be?
who will you be thinking about?

It’s been more than a week since I last met Veronica, I wonder how is she doing as I don’t really communicate that much with her seeing that she’s busy with her exams and I’m busy with my major project. I really feel very bad sometimes I feel that she deserves someone better than me. Someone who would give all his time to her, as I don’t really have the motivation to fight for this relationship. I’m partially given up as every time I think about the future, it seems so.. blank. But whatever it is I will surely try my best as that’s the only thing I could do right?

Just came back from meeting with Shahrin, slacked and chilled at my unfinished multi-storey carpark’s rooftop. Talked about random stuffs, I hope he is doing fine. The other day, I was talking to Gwen about love experiences and I was kind of trying to start a conversation with her. Suddenly after Gwen left Jingyuan wanted to talk to me about her ex. I’m so sorry that I reminded you of him, but I know just like me, you can’t move on as well. It’s like the same repeating story, but I guess my story is a little bit different than yours, atleast he is not getting married anytime soon, unlike her. When I was talking to Jingyuan about this, (like finally I’m telling someone about this) luckily she understand where I’m standing at. Thank you so much, and to the both of us; 

please be stronger soon.