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Dedicated to Shahrin, Mus, Hanis, myself and everyone

Updating this blog at work now, this week was a very busy week. I didn’t even have time to write the stuffs that I would want to jot down over here and in just a few blink of the eye, it’s already Sunday; the end of the week. The 16th day of Ramadan, or should I say 2 weeks have passed by. I couldn’t even comprehend why is it so fast, these days.

Have been going out with Shahrin this past few days to help him with his project and also to do set up for my major project. Right now I’m coding my project to get the interactivity right and to iron out all the bugs. Why must I get a programming project, I’d rather spend my time designing websites but oh well, guess it’s a good practice for my AS3 skills. 

On Tuesday after school, went out with Mus and Hanis to break fast. I do not know why so random, but managed to catch up with them. It’s been so long since I met them, especially Hanis! She has slimmed down a lot, and it has been a year plus. Really had a lot of fun with her and Mus, and it’s been a while since I smile like this. Went to Marina barrage to slack with them, and also went karaoke the next day after school again with them! Only managed to capture a single moment when she was on my bike. 

Was a very good catchup week, managed to catch up with Rid as well the day before I met Hanis. Went down to Mustafa Centre to get some random stuff with Shahrin, and met Rid. Talked about a hell load of stuff with Rid as he’s serving NS now. Slimmed down also due to the rigorous training there. Not to mention that we are going to have our annual gathering with the usuals next Friday. Hope it turn well, hope everyone would be able to make it. I really really miss them. 

I hope all this memories will leave me a smile etched in everyone’s mind.