mood: sleepless

I’ll Be Back
You will find me standing here with you
That’s when I’ll be back again for you
There’s no way anyone could ever love you the way that I do

Clocked out from work early today, was very tired and sleepy. Remember my previous post, saying that I never had any good sleep cause I helped Shahrin? Well it continued on all the way until today. As yesterday I helped Veronica transferred her True Blood Season 3 & 4 to her laptop, and also reverted her phone back to stock as she wanted to sell it off and get a new phone. In the end I reached home and slept like around 2+ am just now. Didn’t feel like going to work but forced and dragged myself. At first I was a little bit cranky as I was tired, but still helped Veronica though. 

Was a simple outing yesterday, watched Dark Knight Rise and it was real awesome. The plot was terrific but one thing is that Veron keep asking me a lot of questions during the first part, maybe because she never watch it before. But nevertheless tried to explain to her and yeah I really hope she would atleast listen to me at some point. (To research atleast a little bit?) 

Bad-ass BatPod, if only I had one.

Right after I reached home just now from work, I immediately showered and knocked out. Atleast had a few hours of nap and was awake right when it’s going to break fast. Now I’m like wide awake even though I will be having school tomorrow and I’m yet to do anything for my MP. 

If ex-lovers remain friends, it could only mean one of two things:
either they’re still in love, or never really were. 

Was browsing through my Facebook ‘Live Feed’ and stumbled upon this quote from Arif, my junior in Temasek Polytechnic. Is it really true? That if ex-lovers still became friends, they are still in love? It’s no doubt that I still haven’t move on from my first love completely, but if it is like what it said so, doesn’t it also implies on her? I’m trying really hard to accept the fact that she’s going to get married soon. As of now she’s already even engaged. But what is this?

And it has been 10 years still, “pendek2 pon sama”? the love is still there too girl, maybe not as much as Veronica now, but there’s still a tiny flame that will forever be burning deep. Her birthday is coming soon, 12th of September and Veronica’s 11th of November. Shall get for her something, in return for the domo-kun.

“Cinta, pinjatkanlah pinta hamba ini”