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Ham Eun-jeong (Hangul: 함은정) from T-ARA. <3

Ham Eunjeong (Hangul: 함은정) from T-ARA. <3

It was a very long day for me today, didn’t really have a good sleep. I’m supposed to be resting now but for the sake of inking my memories and feelings at this place, am going to stay up.

The reason why I’m very sleepy right now was because of Shahrin, which asked me to help him up with his project. Lucky for him I got some experience coding in PHP and I have done similar project in my school. Didn’t know I could really code quite ok despite having only 5 hours to finish up his project which were only 10% done.

But that’s not the main point on why I brought this up. For the first time ever I couldn’t make my poker face in front of him every time he mention about her, Nabilah. How could he seen through what I have been feeling all this while. This isn’t really good, as I thought that nobody would ever understand me.

Truthfully I really love Veronica, but these days I really feel a little bit awkward being with her. And kind of feel left out every time we went out with her friends, Liirong, Shiyuan etc etc. Especially with their other boyfriends which one of them I really couldn’t bring myself to like him. I really do not like it whenever Veronica keep asking me to go off first, while she go back home by herself when we are going out. I mean unless I really have some important things to do, the more she says it, the more I feel guilty.

She is really a nice person in general. It’s just that even if I were to tell her about things, she don’t really give that much opinion, makes me think that she don’t even bother or sometimes don’t even try to understand me? 

Whatever it is I will still try my best for this relationship of mine.