mood: sleepy while waiting for hair to dry.

These days, time has been passing by so fast; as usual. It’s already the 6th day of fasting month and at the same time the 4th week of this term for my school. Sad to say, my major project is stuck as I can’t figure out how to do the 3D aspects in Flash. Everyday I’m stressing myself out trying to make things work but Flash keep throwing me with nonsensical errors. Maybe I need to brush up on my programming skills.

We met in a sudden instant at the intersection on the way home
And you called out to me, and said “Let’s go home together”
I was so bashful that I hid my face with my bag
But I was so very, very happy

An excerpt from a song called Secret Base by Zone about the memories of a childhood friend. I really love this song, so deep and meaningful. Even though I might not say it everyday, I’m so thankful for everyone who stood by me up until now, honestly even though I don’t show it at all. 

The one that teaches me to be independent, sad I know but atleast better than nothing. Today while at school, I realised how short and fast our time flies by. So I stopped and looked around me, there was my classmates. Whether they like me or not, I do not know but I appreciate them for being my friends.

Melvin, my partner in school; so outgoing and is a great team member. Can take crappy jokes and also am patient with me. Always have been there since the start of my polytechnic years, can say it’s the like ‘Easy Brothers’ in Running Man! Hope that our friendship stays strong bro.

Jingyuan, the girl who is very very fun to be with, especially to irritate but you know that it’s all for the fun of it right? I know sometimes I might be a little irritating but honestly I love the laughters that we shared, sis. Stay strong.

Sorry for the random shot, tjy

Lydia, someone who has limited patience. Very naggy, but still a good friend to Jingyuan, and also a good friend to many people. Although sometime I really feel like slapping your face for being so impatient and can’t take jokes, I still appreciate you sis. 

I would love to write about everyone that has been a part of me up till today, but I shall write it at another post soon. 

To the future me, be strong and believe in yourself.

T-ara’s Eunjung at Running Man

T-ara’s Ham Eun-jeong <3