mood: empty.

.. happy 10 yrs friendship bro. n that was a great catch up just now, n most probably the last one? :p thank you :)) 
met an aljunied guy in mrt way back in 2002 when we were 12 yr old. coming frm an all girls school,hes my first friend of an opposite gender

Thank you for everything, for the domokun as well. 

I still couldn’t do anything for you up till the end. I didn’t realise that I was your first guy friend as well. I must have been really blind last time. Should have tried so hard, but now it doesn’t even matter. You have your someone, and I have mine, although I myself are not confident with my own relationship, I bid farewell to you my friend. I really pray that everything goes well for you. I do not know whether should I be happy or sad but.. 

It’s the fasting month now, the first day and I couldn’t sleep just thinking about it. Felt very empty at this point of time. 2nd brother is getting married soon, finally I will have my own breathing space soon. Seriously have no mood to come back home these days, house is in a mess and I’m only left with my bed, my wardrobe and 20% of my study table. 2012 has been a tough year for me, and there’s still another half of the run left. I hope things will get better for myself soon. It’s hard trying to put up a strong front, and my only person that I could pour out everything turns out to be somebody’s fiancé. Guess I should just keep it inside here now, furthermore I have been neglecting this page of mine. In the future, when I read back all these, I hope I would’ve turn out to be a better person, god’s willing.

Believe that good will come, in the end..