mood: missing

Time really past by fast, so I decided to stop and reflect what have I’ve been doing for the past years and realised that my life has been better now. I have an awesome circle of friends, no matter how much douche they are I still love them, Shahgrin & Acez especially; plus the rest of the peeps that always come down no matter what events I organized!

To add up, Veronica and I have been together since Nov ‘09 till present; I couldn’t believe that we could last this long. Seriously I didn’t think it would go this far, but every moments I spent with her I will always cherish! Those happy times that are spent together plus the arguments that we had make me realise how much she means to me, how much I really love her. I’m really blessed with a good girlfriend, heck it’s the best! So I will really try my best to spend my time with her to the fullest, making her smile and see her blur face. 

I’m back at my own home, as I really didn’t like staying at my sister’s house with her sharp words I feel like slapping her every single time. But I do miss my cute lil nephews and nieces. I shall try to visit them every now and then though. My third brother is a douche as well, I don’t care about him and I just hope he would just get out of this house as soon as possible.
I really really hate him.