mood: sleepy.

I kind of forgotten that I have a secret stash here, filled with my sorrow, anger, frustration and deep feelings that I had at any point of time, but anyway it has been 2 years since I last posted here.

A hell lot of things happened, new friends came in, old friends go, new love, a couple of ups and downs and I’m too tired to say everything that happened in this past two years but I can tell you that the journey was tough. Even though it was a mere 2 years, it felt long.. very long. Acez are still friends with me, although we both know that there’s a barrier between us (I think he know), because of that, I lost a couple of friends. And yet to me it feels like a repeating story between friends, family and love.

To this date, I’m currently staying with my sister’s house, due to a big fight between my brother, my mom and I. Kind of felt very sad at that point of time until I really didn’t know what to do but to just leave, I can’t really stand it the way I was treated.

And I’m kind of confused with myself, luckily I backed off from ’D’ again, as she came back to my life. I don’t really want history to repeats itself over and over again.

What was I thinking back then, ’D’ was really just my friend who will only look for me when she’s in need! Just like most people do.

Anyway, I’m editing this after a year and I realised that I really had an awesome love which is Veronica Li Qin Xiang!

I shall update in another post;