mood: having a headache.
Somehow things have got a little better and maybe the same. But whatever it is, my real date after a few long years with Nabilah was great. We watched Fast and Furious 4, went to window shopping, have lunch and not forgetting of course that is to have fun!
It was really a moment to watch her right in front of me after like, six years or so? Was really unbelievable and I love that moment so much that it will stay in my mind.
I only got to snap the first and maybe the nicest photo with her at bugis mrt. I really hope this special thing that we had will last.

Anyway, my band is on hiatus right now again. Nisflickdanco has promise us a slot at her event on the 7th of August but guess what? Acez is on again with his fucked up attitude. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime and yet he’s trying to bring us down again. What shit is this, if he is not interested anymore than just say. I can bring it up with my very own effort and hardwork. I don’t need demoralising people like you, Acezwanndhe.
Ahh crap, I hate this repeating story.
Someone has to stop.