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I found this in Nabilah’s blog.

An old flame.
30th March 2009

I get contacted again with ma long lost friend! I accepted a friend request, viewed the profile, check out the school (that’s what I’ll usually look for. don’t really know why), but without browsing the photos. I was quite worried if this Chinese boy thinks I’m his relative or so. He then commented on my profile and only then I began to sneak his photos…….

Siak! A friend of mine back when I was in Primary 6! I went, heeek eleeeeeyyyhhh…deyyyniiiiiii~. HAHAHAHAHA. I’m not really sure if we went on a steady relationship or not but we did fought like a divorced couple being dragged to court you know! Sibeh funny. All those jittery moments back then are reminisced with laughters now, seriously. I wonder where on this tiny Singapore has he been hiding for 7 years? It’s kinda cute kan..what a memory to recall seh.. Qayyum.. Qayyum..

I’m glad we’ve got contacted back too, cause suddenly when I was falling in to no ends last few days, crying real hard deep inside; I suddenly remembered your last few words that made me become stronger by changing. And I still didn’t forget your words of wisdoms always. I’m still trying to get stronger but I will always be the same inside. Just like you are now.

Whatever it is, thank you so much for such memories;
Nur Nabilah Bte Safaruan..