mood: agitated
Acez oh Acez, please for once just be patient can? Why such trivial things you wants to get agitated and frustrated? Isn’t it a little bit childish of you?
If you lost your mood because of this then how about me? You always keeps things about Arifah from me. I know I have no right but atleast know your limits. I don’t mind you being friends with her or whatever shit but atleast understand my position here. You imagine I do whatever you did to me back to you! What would you feel? Somehow you feel betrayed right?

Sorry Acez! But really, I do have my own limits and this is getting too far, you even said that I went out with a girl in a sarcastic way. What is this? You went out with Diyana Hassim, Nur Atika and some others which I don’t even know of, I didn’t even mention anything at all. Furthermore this friend of mine is just a friend which happens that she wanted to study too. My main motive was just to meet her in real life and study with her. That’s all, unlike you who always wanted to slack with girls and stuffs! Don’t you get it that girls are always the main reason why we always fight somehow? Don’t you even realise it? Come on, aniki; You’re going eighteen. You should be able to think maturely about all this stuffs. And because of today that you lost your mood, you shouldn’t even have the right to vent on innocent people like me! It’s true I know the song but I don’t even know that you wanted to go jam that song, it has been years since I last hear it at my mp3! And there you were venting your frustrations at me just because I can’t get the arrangements correctly. What if I did the same thing to you, don’t you feel like shit? But I’m not as foolish as that. I just learn the song not even an hour, give me time!

And I ever remembered that I send you the Ash like Snow song but you didn’t even listened ey? It’s okay though if nobody wanna play that song. It will just be my unrealistic dream for my band to cover it just for once.
Thanks alot, aniki