mood: agitated

Fuck you, I’m already trying my best keeping our band together and yet Shahrin Azhar is being selfish even though it’s like a couple more days to band idol.
We haven’t even practice a single session together and when I text everyone, I don’t even receive a single reply. Thanks alot guys, let’s just back out and disband this thing if you guys still wanna be like this. Take a good look at the mirror and see who’s the one being a fucking fucked up person.

Just when everything is going a little bit right, some things just have to happen.
I’m really starting to get real annoyed. And I don’t like it, but I have my own limits. There’s certain times where I really feel like they all sucks in their attitude! First the morning incident and now this.
So fucking selfish.

Let’s just see how it goes. If they really doesn’t want to then all my dreams crushed.