mood: tired
Firstly, happy 19th birthday to Shahrin Azhar bin Jumadi. Hope you like the super secret suprise we planned for you. Seeing someone smile on their day really feels awesome, and always reminded me of Farina who’s the first person ever celebrated my birthday last year. Still I’m really sorry that I’m not the one.

Anyway, Iskandar’s getting too full of himself; sometimes even worst than the one I thought to be the worst of the worst (which is Diyana by the way). One fine day will surely come when I’ll really hit him back with double the blow he gave to me and my friends always.

Diyana’s too getting drifted away, I told you that it will be impossible for me to get back together with her. She’s just.. not the same as the one I used to love very much, even though now I still do harbor some feelings for her I think it will just remain sealed inside me & here.

An original song has been made, I hope we can really win the competition!

ps: I hate love.