mood: sick
Life is getting better, I’ve managed to pass through a few tough waves. Now is the time where I will find back all of my stronger self and will come back with a better personality.

Just watch me, my strength of the world because you’ve given me alot of motivations indirectly.
Thank you, Diyana.

As for my friends, I’m fine with everyone; including Shahrin, Iskandar & Acez. Even though I’m still awkward with Iskandar I’ll still be friends with him. And for Acez and Arifah’s story. I’m just not going to even be bothered with her. What can you expect from a fifteen year old kid.

But what I pity is Shahrin as he’s going through a rough time. I hope you can get through this phase just like I did.

And for the band, thank you to Vikkash and Hamza for giving us a lot of tips even though it’s a bit last minute as the auditions is getting near. But nevertheless, it gave us a bigtime ‘wake-up call’. And we will try our best to win the Band Idol. I really need to buck up and improve on my skills.

One thing that really kept me confident these days is how Diyana sincerely telling me about how she felt about me and stuffs. And really, I’m using that as my source of motivation. I don’t wanna lose you Diyana. Even as a friend, I just want you to be happy. You get it? I don’t mind if you’re not together with me back but as long as I could still be your friend, it’s really more than enough. And for you to care for me when I’m sick now, it really does sounds like the Diyana that I’ve know since the first september love.

Thanks everyone.