mood: depressingly depressed.
Doubt & Trust
Running on without even seeing the end
Rest is far away, not even showing its form

Sealing loneliness inside,
the gaze that cast a lock on itself

Welcoming those who fly, the sky
Is not afraid of being dominated

The much desired brilliance
Is for the sake of changing everything

Without forgiving anyone,
where am I going?

I’ll believe
In my own sins and pained sadness.

The voice that whispered “I want everything”
Without even bothering to regain what is lost

The finger that is reaching forward
Didn’t notice the cold

If love is to be left
Let it be left on your frozen lips

Only light can give birth to darkness
Warmth is – overlapping with suspicion
The feelings that you’ve come to face
The promises we’ve made in our connected hearts
Don’t care about the wound of eternity
And leaves their mark

Before they disappear in the crack constructed by time

At the roots of light, darkness is born
Truth is wavered by lies
Piercing through my heart
Even if the night freezes at my touch
I’ll continue calling out for
the shadow of the desire called “Dream”

had an arguement with classmates.
i kinda hate it when people say those things and when i deny it (cause it’s untrue) . they will kept on repeating.
then when i did what they always say about me,
they will say i’m sensitive.
this is why i really don’t like it when i have friends at school.
i really can’t mix with anyone.
it’s better to be like those old times right?
without friends, without any burdens.
it’s kinda great for me,
cause i won’t be bothered with those arguements or anything else.
plainly i’m just still the same.

and i kinda fell in love with someone accidentally.
i’m not ready for any of this.
cause she’s just,
have loads of guy friends & admirers.
whatever qayyum.