mood: sleepy
Fields Of Despair
Can you feel the pain inside sometimes, in your mind?
In the land of loneliness the seas of blood run cold
Is the feeling lost inside within the sins of all mankind?
Time after time we stood united on we go…

Fly far away don’t let the world pass you by
Live for the day when we must stand and survive
Now we face the judgement day our souls will feel the pain
Hear the screams of my world through the rain

Who can cure my emptiness inside for this time?
Suffering from loneliness, my dreams and hopes will die
No more feelings left inside my blackened heart I can not hide
Time after time, our souls divided on we cry

Fly far away don’t leave your own past behind
Live for the day another year passes by
Now we turn to face our fear there’s nothing more to say
Still your dreams and my nightmares remain

Silent fields of despair my tears in the rain
Pain in my heart bleeding through
One day we’ll be back for one moment in time
Endlessly searching for you…

this week was full with twist and turns.
i need to regain back my strength.
to just keep quiet and don’t bother about differences that much.

and haagen-daazs was superb,
although it was damn expensive with the service charges & GST.
but we managed to pay everything yesterday.
something happened and was a little blur.
but i’m much more optimal now.
farhaimi treated us to sakura and it was delicious.
the waitress was cute,
armelia is it?
anyway my love for someone sparked up back,
although i always gave up on her, it’s like neverending cycle.
what for having a large group of friends when i could only talk to only a few.
and i mean having some honest conversations and stuffs.

that’s how i feel,
i need to get a rest.
& thanks friend for lending me that shoe of yours.