mood: contented
sometimes i feel that all this world revolves on everyone
everyone play a part in this cycle
and always,
this simple thing can’t never be seen until you realise at one certain point.

today i learn alot about other lives and i kinda feel that we must be grateful.
cause somehow,
people takes things for granted,
and only when that person or something is lost,
then you finally realised it.
but i think it will be too late.

so why not appreciate everyone and everything now?
cause somehow,
at this very moment,
i’m really grateful to everyone,
those new and olf friends,
those friendstoenemies.

everyone really played a part in making a difference to me,
maybe even the slightest things still counts.
thanks everyone,
whoever that feels that they did make a difference.
no matter good or bad,
that’s just life ain’t it.
& today i walked through another side of people’s life.
& without me knowing it,
i do put some burden of my ownself towards others,
cause i didn’t know ‘she’ was transferring school,
and just now was her last day.
let’s just see how it goes.
but somehow,
i don’t really know what to feel,
happy or sad..

one thing for sure is that,
i experienced alot in just a day.
and that girl is just cute!