mood: anxious
Shine Of Voice
Look, the sky I gazed upon started to move
Startled, you were dazzling
Should I forgive you about the lie you told me yesterday?
Since the sun was so beautiful this morning

Your cheery voice is always important to me
Because it gives me courage – it’s no lie

Now I love you like how I love summer
I’m gonna speed it up
I’m happy when we are walking together side by side I don’t care if it’s raining
Since sharing an umbrella gets me so close to you

That voice of yours is gently surrounding me, for real
Someday you’ll say the word I’ve always wanted to hear – ‘Love’

Our voice soothes whenever
Let’s walk along our road together, no matter what the time
You say whatever
This neverending, overflowing moment is going to be so dazzling

Your voice, whenever
It lovingly resounds in my ears, no matter how petty the thing you’re talking about
You say whatever
With my protruding heart I started to run towards you I can’t hold back

I can, forever..
school’s reopening tomorrow,
and i still can’t sleep as i’ve been thinking real loads
i’ve let the current love fade away already but..
just when i thought that i was finally free from all those pain and suffering.
i coincidentally met someone from the past,
and i thought i’d already forgotten about her but..
seeing her smiling face with her new found love suddenly strike me with hurt & agony again.
her sweet smile,
is still there..
but i really regret for letting her go,
not being able to be so patient and have a nice talk with her
and hurting both her and myself at the same time..

how i wish i could turn back time and make things right.
but that’s impossible right?
now i’m starting to think about her and regret every mistakes i did at that point of time..

now i realise that she..
is irreplaceable in my heart..
Nur Diyana Abdul Hakim..
how i wished you were mine at this point of time again..