mood: sleepy..
Nobody knows..
I won’t say “Thank you,”
I’ll always keep it inside.
Goodbyes aren’t gloomy.
After a dream, I will quietly step off.

Good morning; awakening is
blindingly bright sadness.
I cannot let you say goodbye,
Our weakness was good to have been.

The gentleness that overflowed in us two,
let be reflected, like flowers, like love.
The quietness of low clouds waiting for the winds…
I can no longer hear it.

The fragments that rain into my hands,
I will always hold close
The strength to be smiling until the end;
that, I have already known.

Farewell to the kisses up to yesterday
Farewell to the pain in my dear chest
Well, that’s that
Somehow, I’m living today, too

Loneliness, the past, or melancholy
Desire, relation, or nature
From tomorrow, surely we’ll seem to live
Without being able to laugh anymore

If I believe that someday
I’ll rightly tell you my feelings
Don’t fool with me
But it isn’t like that so..

I don’t want to escape to anywhere anymore
Someone, please say, “Yes”
But I can’t return to yesterday’s place
To the place where I was with you

I don’t want to make excuses to anyone anymore
So please say, “Yes”
But it doesn’t seem like everyone doesn’t have excuses
If it’s not you, then there’s no meaning
No one knows the answer

But I won’t cry anymore,
I won’t cry…

okay it seemed like my last two posts were filled with anger and frustrations so this post gonna be all about happiness and love.
i guess?
so yeah,
i haven’t called her since..
last week monday and i kinda miss her,
but i’ve been thinking lately,
should i move on?
cause this just doesn’t seem right and in my honest opinion i don’t even know if i’m going to pull this through with her and all..
but i guess,
i will just let fate decides on everything..
if it will happen,
it will happen i guess?
sooner or later i will suffer a heartbreak again so..
i guess i’m giving up on love,
maybe because i’m just hopeless
i’ve been realising this,
when i want that someone or something,
i really fight for it,
but then,
when i have that someone or something..
i’d just doesn’t know how to take care of things..
but i seemed to know more when it wasn’t really about me
i don’t know anymore,
can someone help me from this misery filled life?
i wanna end it.
those misery days!

let’s be happy.

i can’t..