mood: tired.

okay so yesterday i felt really fucked up but still i’d try to limit myself again.
i really HATE, and i mean HATE IT when anyone thought they know ALOT about me than i know my ownself and keep insisting about that.
fuck shits
i know myself more than anyone else.
it’s very simple, even too much until some people view it as so much complex.

oh yeah,
i’m not that miserable as i look i am!
i have a life,
a stable one,
what i meant by stable is i do have my own ups and downs.
and that’s what life is right?
oh and i don’t see a need to wake up cause i know what i’m going through the best.
when it’s time for me to moveon or whatever,
i will.
i don’t need any people to trigger my ownself.
cause i’m someone who move with the flow.
that is equivalent to letting nature takes its course.
if i have to do it,
then i WILL do it.

get it?

and i’m much more optimistic now..