mood: fcuk-ed up
okay this really is shit,
why can’t today ends just as neutral like always?
i don’t worry about love as much now cause i know she’s sick and she knows how to take care of herself.
but what’s with the fcuking wrong with you, someone?
you told me to ‘wake up’, and i asked why.
you didn’t answered and you said that’s enough.
what the fuck?
you know something about me, you are the one who started the conversation and you’d just leave it at a cliffhanger?
what are you trying to imply here?
i really hate it when this kind of shits happen to me.
who doesn’t?
when someone knows something about you which you dont,
and then that someone won’t even tells your the full story.
it’s like.

comeon boy, grow up.
be optimistic.