mood: sick
Wasn’t able to do anything,
I waited for your call everyday
Then I felt really sick
I couldn’t even lift a finger

But where were you?
Did you even know that my body’s weakening?
Struggling and suffocating day by day
Just to meet you for tomorrow

It’s weird isn’t it?
Those who really fall in love deeply
Could even sense the smallest thing
That will gonna happen

But I’d still hold on to this thin string of hope
Cause the promises that we made won’t fade away
Even when you didn’t call me yet
I’m missing you so much, I’m helpless

That one fine day will still come,
I think?
As I believe,
That we still have chance for..

Each other..

i’m sick,
it has been going on since the last 3 days which is on monday
cause that time when i woke up,
i quickly vomitted and when i drank milo to clear off my throat,
it vomitted back and i felt nausea all the way.
so yeah, i’d rested without food for three days as i don’t really have any appetite,
oh and i’ve got high fever too,
but now i’m a lil-bit fine
atleast not that worst then yesterday.
i’m still having gastric though
maybe because of lacking of food.

& where is she?
i’ve been waiting for her call since last friday.
i missed her so much.