mood: confused.
When I was young, I simply believed
That if I waited, my dream would come true.
Making a wish to the light flowing from the sky,
I smiled while weaving the present.

Then I came to realize,
That even if I wait, my dream will not come true.
Kind people are burdened with nothing but sadness,
Being buried in the darkness called memories.

The overflowing sins
Why can’t I protect love
Without hurting anyone’s feelings?
Shards of overflowing lies
Someone’s tears are seeping into
The happiness I held in my hands.

Although I descended to this world
With nothing but my heart, which is without amusement
From the moment I held it, I’m afraid of losing it.
Even tranquility some day turns to the enemy

The sins that sleeps within me
Why can’t I live my life
Without coveting anyone?
Shards of warped lies
While dreaming of a brilliant tomorrow,
I count the sleepless nights

Of trying to realise what’s right and what’s wrong..

let’s vent out everything here,
shall we?
i really couldn’t understand what’s with love this few days
or maybe its just that i don’t really know her that well
but then
isn’t a little sign of appreciation or attention too hard to give?
and that turns to pestering?
i don’t understand seriously
cause if by showing care seems wrong then what is right then?
and she’s been avoiding loads of questions from me
is it really that hard to answer?
or maybe its just that love doesn’t even know what to answer?
oh and if you really love to change people so much?
why don’t you change yourself first before pin-pointing other’s mistakes
i could accept it but then when i tried to make you realise what’s your mistakes is
why can’t you, yourself accept it?
oh and i have given up getting to know you more.
cause you know why?
cause YOU yourself love, doesnt seem to even TRY to know me much more.
all the while it was me who making the first move and contacting with you and all but still sometimes you don’t even care to reply.
don’t even bother to meet me at school cause you are soo damn fucking busy with your classmates right?
i won’t care anymore
enough is enough
if you wanna start everything afresh,
i think you should make the first move

*shoutout: thanks to everyone who tried to care for me. you know who you are, thanks alot.*