mood: tired..
End of The Moonlight
Tears are flickering;
It’s completely the moon’s light
Love is like a white swing
The woman’s mind is a wonder

Your face in profile is attractive;
It has a cool reticence
The moonlight has me in a dreamy state of mind
Dear, I love you

Like the sea under the last falling sun
My awareness calmly in your arms
Like the sky always be there for rising blue
If you see the moon in my life
I can fill the sky with your light all night

Until the end of time

Higher and higher you can catch my love
Show me love, catch my love, always be my life
Can’t you be reflections in my eye..?

Saturday (16th), Sunday(17th) and Today(18th) of February:
this is going to be a very fast post for me as i need to sleep cause i’m damn tired..
saturday i went cycling as usual with farhaimi, going to tampines mall to get his free stuffs and proceeded to raimi’s house
repaired his computer and cycled home.
on the way farhaimi’s tyre got punctured and he needs to walk.
pity him.
sunday stayed at home and rest just like what love told me to do so,
ended up farhaimi came my house to do his handphone.
repaired and slept around 8+.
today (monday) woke up very late for school and rushed,
was just in time and i saw love
went to changi airport terminal 1-3 and budget terminal and slacked there.
snapped alot of photos but i managed to get ahold some as most of them were inside aqilah’s digi-cam.
went back school around afternoon and bowl-ed with love and all.
after school sent love home and met d’fiee somewhere in northpoint.
laughed like shit and after all that.
something happened after she left, and a lil-bit sad but tried my very best to be strong and aren’t sensitive over little things.
that’s just love.
so met farhaimi and raimi, went to tampines mall.
slacked and went home around 9.30pm as love was worried i would get sick for merayap-ing even though i’m tired.

love was the bestest i’ve ever longed for.
i love her, so much, fullstop.