mood: contented
Sweet Angel
The ocean wind tickling my cheek
The mornings I allow myself to doze off

With the happiness that may vanish
Surrounded by the sweet reverberations

I love you, only you, always
Let me strongly feel that pure soul

Lighting a fire on a piece of romance
I want to chase after you
If alone together, without caring
Melting as one

Staring at the sunset sky
You say that I softly murmured
Pretending not to hear you
I entwined my fingers with yours, wanting a kiss

Hold me, only me, quickly
Silencing the disturbed sigh, I leaned towards you

Pulling on the cuffs of your white shirt
So that you can’t escape
Gently confined within your arms
The sound of the dazzling waves

Thursday of 14th February:
okay so today was quite a tiring day, but quite..
mrs kwan released us early as there were no afternoon lessons and i was quite happy
so after school met her and proceeded to yishun to have our lunch
gave her my gift as v’day that i made specially for her and she like it
okay so after that slacked with her
i won’t say much here