mood: fallen in love? i think
The history of my love
Started from our first cuddle
Suprisingly it casted magic on my destiny
And you suddenly appeared

There are two moon in the indelible sky;
That’s impossible, right?
It’s the first time I have a feeling like this!
This place quickly grows comfortable

A sweet smile;
I still haven’t woken up from the story that I met on that day
Look, because when you cast your magic, your wish will surely be fulfilled
The history of my love written once more

You’re always down in spirits
Is it love? Friendship? I’ve started to mind you

Even if such a me… got tired and faced the other way
You’d firmly and exactly take me away

My love that can’t wait for just a kiss is a mystery
At the moment, I closed my eyes,
Because I’ll gently protect you alone
My throbbing thoughts that burst out from our first cuddle
Guided by my destiny, you suddenly appeared

Even if you stumble and fall again
I’ll forever and tightly embrace you..

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (11th-13th) of February:
this is my first time triple posting so here goes
monday i after school, went to the mosque as iskandar invited me to join the youth club there
so why not?
it’s better to help out in the mosque rather than slacking and wasting time
so around 4+ reached there and i was just in time for my asar prayers
lucky for me,
after that slacked with those two and iskandar needed to go his grandma’s house so me and farhaimi went to bedok interchange to look for my missing casing for my handphone.
found it and i got energy to slack cause actually i was pretty tired
went home around 10.
tuesday, after school went eating with my classmates and he was there too so i’d try my best to put up a great front
after that managed to avoid him as he was following one of my classmate and i needed to meet farhaimi and iskandar to go for the job interview
so met those two and proceeded to coffee club
after the interview we slacked and met iskandar’s uncle, helmi and he treated us lunch
it was real nice of him
after that, slacked and went to farhaimi’s house and met hairee’s parents so had a lil-chat with them and went home around 9+.
today (wednesday) after school i went straight to farhaimi’s house as to help him out with my gift to her.
someone which i dated out tomorrow for valentine’s day.
as i wasn’t really that rich,
decided to make a box full of hand-made stars and a secret note.
if got time.
so maybe tomorrow i will be meeting farhaimi as it wasnt really finished.
i hope it got finish soon.
and i’m still thinking of what to write to her inside the secret note.
someone help me please?

and thank god that my life’s better now.