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White Reflection
I feel your love reflection
In your eyes as they gaze back into mine
Writing a distant, neverending story

As if throwing off the sadness and pain
I soared to the sky
And in my heart, I spread wide
The wings of courage that you’ve given to me

I want to feel the beat of this irreplacable love
So much, it’s heart-wrenching and maddening

I feel your love reflection
Passionately uniting our dreams into one
In our youth, we seek each other out,
Without being afraid of our own faults!

We quietly express our overflowing emotions
With our bare skin
As if to embrace
The strength to be gentle..

I want to hold my head up high,
And lithely go beyond this violent era!

I still feel your love reflection
The truth that we share
As long as we exchange kisses,
we don’t need anything else anymore

And I will forever feel your love reflection
We’ll stand firm and fight,
Believing in the passion
We’ll never give up cause

It’s my neverending story..

Sunday of 10th February:
okay so today i woke up around 1+, and it was very late as i promised iskandar i would come to his house and repair his laptop.
knowing that,
rushed, bathed and cycle to bedok to meet farhaimi first as i need to save my ezlink.
we both reached at the same time and cycled to iskandar’s house.
there we slack first and repaired his laptop.
finished repairing around 7.30 and proceeded to tampines to meet raimi.
so cycle with farhaimi and iskandar
it was fun and we talked alot there.
and we went home around 10.30pm.

i really hate it when people who doesn’t really know me yet inside out and yet assuming alot of things and it isn’t really correct but they keep insisting that i’m feeling this or that.
what the heck?
i know myself well, so don’t try hard to know me cause if you try hard, you will end up getting nothing from me.
and don’t expect alot from me,
i will try my best but i am still a human