mood: angered.
Ash Like Snow
An ebony darkness that dyes the sky red
Swallowed the stardust
Ash like snow falls and accumulates briefly

I gazed at the window of grief
I never dreamed
Freezing onto it
I come for you

My thoughts soared up
Into the desolate night sky and shattered
Every time when this world changed its shape
It destroyed
The things that I wanted to protect

An immoral darkness crowds my heart
Like anesthesia, your voice
Coldly steals away my sensations

Even if I pursue contradictions
They won’t end
Why do I fight?

Even if light vanishes
And this Earth is corrupted
I won’t forget
Your little wish
Guides you to the place where it must be at

There I come for you for sure
Ash Like Snow is falling down from your sky
Let me hear…
Why I have to fight?

These thoughts of mine soared up
Into the desolate night sky and shattered
In exchange for the glory of opening up the darkness

I lost the things that I must protect
It’s falling from your sky
It’s too futile
I will come for you

Every time when I got hurt by the smashed up pieces
My closed heart
Chose to be strong

And it came here, to be those inevitable

Friday(8th) and Saturday(9th) of February 2008:
so this is a dual post for yesterday and today.
on friday, i cycled to bedok with farhaimi to have my friday prayers.
after that, went to farhaimi’s house and spring clean-ed his house.
slacked and cycled to pasir ris to meet raimi and it was a very bad luck day for me
as my cover for my handphone’s battery were lost + my earpiece spoilt plus that day i wore both wrong side of the slippers and i’d only notice it when i arrived at pasir ris.
today, went out to meet farhaimi at eastpoint and slacked there for awhile while waiting for raimi to arrive with his bus no 5.
it was a last minute plan for me
but it was fun
went to cineleisure to look for my new casing for my hp but mission was failed.
so walked to esplanade to meet nizam.
met him and slacked.
met suzaimi after that and we met his twin
oh and he and his twin are like 100% exactly the same
okay so around 11+, went home by mrt.
and i saw alot of strange people today.
plus funny ones too.

did i tell you my memory’s getting worse and i’m scared..