mood: blurred
I’m all alone in the big city,
Thrown away like an empty can.
If love is love until we know everything about each other
Then let’s sleep forever..

Until the world come to an end, we won’t be apart.
I wished it for countless nights
Why does the past destroy
Even the worn-out heart that shines?
Melancholically fleeting thoughts…

On this tragedy night

And so, people seek an answer
And lose something that’s irreplaceable
A city filled with desires, even the stardust
In the night skies doesn’t shine on us

Before the world comes to an end, please make me listen
A catastrophy well suited to a flower in full bloom
While everyone wishes, no one believes in eternity
Even so, they certainly dream about tomorrow
Short-lived days and this tragedy night

Full advantages we have above them
This will gain us the strength
To defeat those heartless people

On this neverending tragedia..

2nd to 6th of February:
this week was quite a hectic week cause of school and stuffs
oh and some people’s getting much worser these days and i don’t know why
i don’t even bother about this people
and aishah?
more likely that she too, is in my ‘cant-be-bothered’ list.
cause those feelings had already disappear i think..
my memory’s getting alot worser i kept forgetting about what i did last few days.
i need someone to remind me to blog every end of the day please?
cause those memorias are important to me as they are proofs of me living to the fullest now
i’m getting much stronger now thanks to those people around me
especially someone
thanks alot that now i had gain alot of confidence from it.
okay so i think i need to release this tension of mine since yesterday.
As it was:
the 6th of february,
farhaimi wanted to meet me, raimi and iskandar for a discussion so i came down his place and at first he was damn moody
so we called up raimi and meet him up at their usual place
sat down and talked about those three stupid idiots.
hey you three,
now you all are big gangsters already right?
lets just see who will sit at the corner of the street and who will walk proudly in 10 years time, bitch.
discussed and planned about this tragedia and made up a succesful plan to bring them down.

there, we slacked all the way until 10+ and went home.
i’ve got alot of pictures but should i upload it here?
and i’m planning to publicize my blog again,
should i?