mood: fcuked up
Those days that I thought was over
Has happened again now
While I was trying real hard to socialize
I wonder why those people kept having the wrong impressions

That time when I was young
Lonely I was and I can’t have any friends
Everything I did was wrong to their eyes
And I bottled up everything inside me again

Leaving that place
That I once struggled
Even though I clouded myself in darkness
I smiled just for you

Maybe someday I will understand
To why must everything revolves around me
Even when you are not there for me today

I will still forever stand up for you for tomorrow

Monday of 28th January:
today school was a bore, i woke up quite early but ended up late as i waited for suzaimy to changed and everything as he woke up very late
at bus stop i was really lost in my thoughts but luckily this makcik tegor me and said suzaimy had arrived with his taxi
went school and slacked at auditorium
oh and ace spade’s psp’s game the dj thingy is fun and addictive
you should try and play it someday
went to slack after school with farhaimi, lukman, ace, aqilah and her friend
went home around 6+
i was very frustrated cause when now i tried real hard to socialize myself at school, people would just get the wrong impressions and it sucks so much seeing myself being labelled
if you really wanted it
i could be just like in the secondary school days where i was a loner and only mind my own business
do you really want that!?
and aishah,
say it,
i know you don’t appreciate me even as your friend right?
and you were forced to even talk to me right?
sorry but seriously, i tried real hard not to talk to you cause it hurts me so much
but forever
i will stand for you even when you would not appreciate me..