mood: tired
School Days
When I was young,
Those past friends I made
Ditched me with a whole lot of ways
And I just kept it to myself

Leaving that place with full of memories
My tear dropped just like those days
Why did I even start all those meaningless fights
Without hesitation, I runaway again

Reached my second destination
I tried again to socialize
But failed I was
How did I in the first place
End up being the lonely one always..

Now, those days are over
And I could open up my mind finally
Those people accepted me

Even when I’m not

okay so this whole week was too busy with my school so i didn’t really update much
sorry about that
my classmates + schoolmates is really much better than those from my last school as they atleast could talk to me about any topics
and isn’t really that attitude
atleast now i got a better reason to go to school apart from studying

she already know that ilh
but what kept me thinking always is that
what does she really thinks about me
if she really am not interested in me at all
with those tears kept coming back, didn’t you notice it always?

this is me,
my true self
and it always been like this
if i could accept my own self
why can’t you all?
if i’m already like this splitted by half or so
just accept it
it isn’t really wrong
but just, thinking make it does!
cause my both sides isn’t really good or bad.
it’s the way YOU think it
for me i like both cause its MY personality and
i love it the way i am
don’t irritate me with all those words
cause you said you seemed to understand me but actually in the fact,
you don’t
and even those 2 buddies of mine accepted me like way long time ago
why can’t you?
oh cause it irritates you?
well then too bad cause it’s my personality
and i don’t even hurt anyone’s feeling what
why did you even feel irritate when all i said was
always true and meantful?
whatever it is
this is me
forever i will be my ownself
and this war will never end between my ownself
i am..
kaii arshad // abdul qayyum.