mood: happy now that my tears is overflowing?
Splitted half when I first existed
I didn’t notice it
Ever since that tragedy happened
My other side kept taking me over

Misery had once again striked my other half
But he always bottles up everything
And he always didn’t have any confidence left
Always, he had been reaching for my help
The lost one

Memories of me taking over him
Doesnt really stays in my head that much
I could only see those people around me
Wanted to voice out my real opinion
The way I am, but I still can’t
It’s me who always at fault

The words still suffocates me one more time
And I tried my best but I can’t
Tears still overflowed my eyes
Didn’t wanted to shed a tear but..
It dropped like those passionless rain

Picked up the phone,
Speechless, I passed it over
And there my other side found a chance to took over me
I didn’t care as I really didn’t know what to do

I feel bad cause i didn’t have any courage
But just to let you know

That I.. really love you..

Sunday of 20th January:
sorry can’t say anything more
he took over.
okay i’m back to my real senses after one hectic day
so here goes
i woke up around 12+ and slacked at home
met lukman, farhaimi and raimi and slacked at playground near farhaimi’s place around 8+ pm.
after that i went home by 5
sorry for the short post for this day as, much of my memory is lost i think

Monday of 21st January:
went to school around 7+ and ate breakfast at a coffeeshop around my place
met suzaimy and went to school by 5
forgotten what we did at school but after school met lukman and he enrolled in my course
slacked with farhaimi too
i’d actually forgotten most part but i’d remember what i did
my biggest mistake
i just wish that everything didn’t happened and my feelings for her would rest
get it?
*tear dropped*
i’d just love her but, if she kept giving me those cold emotions..
its hurting
but still, this feelings for her will continue..

Tuesday of 22nd January:
i forgotten most of the part today,
if i’m okay already i will update this part