mood: i feel sucks
Today is just another day
of my life too short to live
I should have somekind of meaning
a destiny to believe in
before I go to sleep

I find some pictures of a time
When everything was still so fine
Although the years have passed by
I will give it all I have inside,

I’m away,
Lost in my thoughts
My life goes by
At the speed of light

Release myself, tired from crying
My prayers are communicated now
So move toward the future that’s started to move
The road still continues on and on endlessly
I will take it if you want
Shine vividly

You were the one who make me drops thousand of cries,
But i still smile for you..

Saturday of 19th January:
woke up around 12+ and slacked, bathed
raimi called and asked to meet him at simei at 3
went out and lukman and aishah had already arrived at bedok mrt station
so i was late as i kinda asked for my pocket money
around 3.30+ then i arrived
lukman was frustrated but kept quiet
raimi was the last one to arrived and we proceeded to somerset at around 4+
met raimi’s friend, faiz and slacked for awhile
then ate at long john silvers and after that, met aishah’s sister.
at first they seperated from us but aishah called lukman and met them back and went to youth park to slack while waiting for the gig
soon after, sponge and the gang came and there my mood started to get off track
i tried real hard to fake my laugh to make it looks good but somehow farhaimi managed to see through
after that went to esplanade as we thought that the gig at youth park were bored, but then, at esplanade were much lamer.
slacked there
snapped some shots
and went home

at that point of time i feel sucks i can’t put anything to words and i could only smile
i know that guys always make the first move but if i make one, i know she would give me that look like on 31st December 2007 and that phrase too on the same day when i’d accidentally did something
but i tried real hard to smile for you, smile for myself
still things get much worser and i can’t really do anything
i’m just helpless
whatever it is, i still love her and stands up for her anytime.

right, aishah?