mood: stronger than before!
Distant Melody
I could casually hear your melody
I wonder why I’m always, always remembering it?

When I hum to myself,
Thinking about you
Inside of my scraped heart,
I feel satisfied

This unscientific wonderful feeling must be magic
Let’s walk on, just like this

With our voices in unison,
Let’s imagine tomorrow
Even though I can’t see it,
I’m not afraid

When it comes to something valuable,
Don’t hide it, carry it along with you
If you love it, then it will always shine

Your melody is always sounding out
Circulating through my body, swhere it feels like I’m going to lose

The tips of my toes are firmly on my soul, going up the tough road
When I look up, I’m gradually getting closer and closer to the sky

Hey, the moment you decide not to cry anymore, even the clouds
Will move away toward excitement

With my hand atop yours, let’s go out and get blown on by the wind
The gentle future can be heard
Your ears aren’t playing tricks on you, the blue melody
That comes from the clear sky, will certainly spread out to anywhere

Certainly, at any time now, this neverending melody will change
Into something infinity

I will confess it, someday..

Wednesday of 16th January:
so the last post went at around 1:03am right? that was when i got to know everything about the skl fuckers
slept around 2+, and woke up around 6.30am cause mom thought i need to report to camp at around 8am
was very frustrated but just be patient and bathed
around 8.30am, met suzaimy at simei 7-11 and proceeded to eat breakfast first at a coffeeshop and bought a pack of ciggies for our camp
so reached around 9.30am exactly and went straight to the auditorium
was quite sad as i thought only a few of my classmates go but atlast some of them were late
felt abit relieved and watched the movie transformers and the theme for our camp is also about the transformers robots
it was quite cool
so went to lunch at around my school and proceeded back to assemble at outside the admin office
i tried really hard to blend and social well with my classmates/schoolmates but my inhibitions kept rising up and up cause i’m afraid of what people might say about me
anyway, the bus arrived at 1.40+ and it was kinda late on the schedule
arrived at the hometeamNS and my class was grouped with some of other schoolmates and our name was JAZZ the hiphopper from the transformer
so we did our team building games
and after that, slacked, ate dinner, bathed and slept with my classmates who share the same room as me
1st day of camp was quite okay so here goes the 2nd day.

Thursday of 17th January:
woke up around 7+ in the morning and rushed towards the toilet as i wanted to conquer it first so after bathing went for my breakfast.
slacked and played those 3 team-building games again.
push ball which my head was being siku-ed by don’t know who.
human sudoku and improvised rafting
after all that, slacked until 4.30 we went to meet the principal but it was for a short while and bbq-ed!
but sadly it was ruined by the rain so had to rush towards my chalet and take all my hanging clothes to dry first
so i got to know many of the schoolmates but kinda forgotten their names
around 2+ in the morning i tucked in
sounds short right for the 2nd day? it was quite a long day for me but i forgotten most of the parts on this day so last day of camp here we go

Friday of 18th January:
woke up at around 7+ as i set-up my alarm at that time.
bathed, ate our breakfast and packed up.
around 1+, our bus arrived and i was feeling kinda sad as its a good bye to the coolest instructors but just kept quiet
around 1.30pm, arrived at tampines and proceeded home with suzaimy taking bus 5.
arrived home and bought burger king.
watched bleach for awhile and i was knocked out somehow and i only noticed i was sleeping when only i woke up by a phone call from raimi at around 5.36pm.
they asked me to come down bedok reservoir park to slack so around 6+
took 5 and went there
saw lukman and aishah and somehow my heart feels at ease looking at her..
oh so slacked there and soon after faimy, raimi and iskandar arrived
so slacked, snapped ALOT of shots with aishah’s little brother as our featuring and went home around 11+

and hey, you should know that you are the one? don’t you know that aishah..