mood: those emotions came back.
While singing this song
I’m always there near you
The shy feelings
Why can’t we be happy?

Suddenly we look at each other
Instantly we burst into laughs
You and I
Was like a kitty playing in a sunny place

If I follow bit by bit the words
Of a song now forgotten
The lost words came to focus

Let’s sing once more
Whenever, forever
We don’t need memories
I want to meet you as fast as possible

Because I have friends
There is a song that can’t be sung
I who didn’t really notice it
Will surely will be happy

There is a song that can be sung
My current feeling that is hurt
I want to sing for you
I am here

I want to meet you once more, Aishah..

Monday of 14th January:
woke up around 6+ in the morning by a phone call from farhaimi
actually wanted to go to work but i took the risk and waited to check for my school application ite tampines
so stay awake around 9+ slept for awhile
then around 12+ in the afternoon, my mother woke me up saying that i got it into january intake of ite tampines
so i was overjoyed but sadly i can’t work with farhaimi
i’m really sorry
so around 2+ met farhaimi and went to ntuc to buy cooking oil my mom asked me to
and proceeded back to my house to eat first
and now, farhaimi know about my dedication to her
cause i let him to read it
so around 3+ everything finished at my house so went to far east plaza to meet raimi
sorry again that we are late, raimi
so arrived there by taking bus no 5, oh and it’s double deck !
first time!
haha so slacked there and talked things out with them about the current crisis now
and some girls disturbed us man!
so we disturbed them back
after that, we went to cineleisure and visited the apple store and it was cool
the deejay and stuffs
you should check it out too!
oh, so it was raining heavily back then
and coincidentally we met ‘kid’ from our last working place at customer service centre!
so slacked with her and her friends
talked, laughed like shit
and that ‘kid’ is seriously has the same attitude as farhaimi!
so went to meet lukman at around his neighbourhood and talked things out at 9.34pm
i’ve got to know all the things
and were very furious about this
but luckily i haven’t lost myself yet that time, and i don’t want to.
so around 11+ went home by taking bus number 5.

i’d just finished printing up those documents for school tomorrow
can’t wait!
and aishah sent me a comment,
here goes

01/14/2008 2:58 pm
* ahkahk!=p

i koe..


relex uh..
eh u delete yr blog uh?

dah lame tk jumpe ye..

y dat dae u go hm sey?i came dwn meet u guys..
den u’re not there..but,man,raimi,sponge,zouk,nizam,apek ade..

btw!i koe who!hkahakah

don’t act as if you know who i really love.
cause you know why?
it’s actually is you. get it?
i love aishah/geisha, too much and it hurts cause i don’t think you know about this right?
i’d just wanna say it right at your sweet-fragile face
but i just can’t!
fuck-ed up person you won’t wanna be with me..
but sadly

i longed for you always..