mood: mixed emotions
Don’t lose, no matter what wind blows your way
Look, the world is always on your side

I didn’t realise up till now, the important things
You were this close to me, weren’t you
Even at that seemingly crushed morning, always smiling
Warm-hearted love were there

That’s why, from tomorrow I can become strong
The seed of dreams is carried by the wind
until a “flower” has bloomed

When believing in the future, when being helped
With a little bit of true courage
I can change, because everyone is special
Just a little bit more and I’d almost give up
But my mind changed its direction
From just your love

So that’s why,
I tried real hard to become strong for everyone’s sake
Beyond the rainbow, I will be there,
The shining tomorrow to wait for you

Now, without looking over my shoulder,
I tried to face that place
There’s nothing left to see,
Open the next door and it was you

Those hearts will become one
In the center, of everyone
You, Are always there
From now on, right?

Cause my heart trembled with fear, of losing you..

Thursday of 10th January:
woke up around 10am and rushed as i was late to go to apply for a course at ite tampines
so around 11+ went there with mom and hopefully this time i will get the course
decided to go home at first but received a call from farhaimi and he asked me to comeover and meet him
i was hungry at that time so for sure he has foods and stuffs
sooooooo, arrived there around 12+ and slacked at his house for awhile
ate, laughed and went to chai chee as farhaimi needed to send his report or whatever
so went there and knocked out at a void deck somewhere around there as i was like damn tired
around 6pm we both woke up and proceeded to meet lukman at around his neighbourhood
there something happened which bothered me right until now but..
should i say it here?
maybe? i don’t know
i’m getting fickle-minded or is it because i’m scared?
i don’t even understand myself anymore

but this feelings are getting so true, it hurts