mood: i want a school, real fast
It’s pretty simple
But the pain is yet, stays still here in myself
Those unbreakable hopes you had gave me
Was broken by your last misery filled phrases

Those picture perfect days had over
And I’m stucked, unable to move

Even if you embrace me until it’s suffocating
We will never become one.
In a place deeper than gentleness
Touching each other is merely pain.

Please bind the two of us.
We will dream no more,
Joining hands in uncertainty
Walking towards
The cruel dawn

True words are surely
Somewhere in the true world,
In our wordless night.
Surely even now

Meeting each other in order to know loneliness,
We won’t know until we exchange a kiss.
Even so, I am trembling with the joy
Of having met you.
Please support my heart

We will dream no more,
We can’t run to a warm place.
We will surely overcome
The cruel dawn

The abandoned quietness
Will surely find
The true words
In order to lovingly hurt each other.
Someday surely

Even if you held me until it’s suffocating
We will never become one
The icy coldness had started before dawn but
Please light the path

That’s just for us..

Tuesday of 8th January:
woke up and slacked at home until around 6+, met farhaimi, lukman, raimi at my void deck
slacked and went to east point as lukman wanted to buy earpiece for his mp3player
and went home around 10+

Wednesday of 9th January:
slept at around 9+ in the morning and was sad as my applications wasn’t succesful so ate two more of my medicine to make myself sleep
woke up around 3pm by a phone call from a company asking me to work there
so maybe if i’m elligible for april intake i will work first for temporarily
okay after that around 6+ met farhaimi at tampines interchange and went to pasir ris interchange to meet raimi and lukman
arrived there and slacked at our new port
at exactly 10pm went home by number 5

i’m still fucked up about my results but tommorow i will apply
oh and i think i still love her
maybe, yes?
i don’t know
and i’m writing a special song for myself right now
will post it up if i got it recorded (: