mood: too much emotions
What if, you could be alive for eternity
I had this dream
That it feels so real
And those emotions were shivering

The reflections inside the mirror
Was that really me?
Cause I felt that I’ve changed alot
Maybe you didn’t notice but..
Agony was always hitting me

Nothing really hurts me more
Than anything else
Those sweet smile of yours
It all fades away

You gave me a piece of your heart
But how come those people keep breaking it
Those shattering pieces that I picked up
Was just remnants of the past but

Everything will always revolves around me
No matter how far I run
It will just keep repeating
And I learn about myself much more

After those endless dreams
My eyes is full of tears when I woke up
And I will start to ponder
Why did it always gonna be me
We will always gonna see tomorrow

Even when those tides keep coming in, love..

Monday of 7th January:
never had enough sleep so ate 2 dosage of my flu medicine and knocked out at around 8+ in the morning
woke up around 5.30 and received alot of miss calls and stuffs so replied those things
decided to meet farhaimi at simei and met him around 6.40pm
met him and went to far east place by 5 to meet raimi and shaza for dinner
oh and yeah, happy anniversary you two
so slacked there, took some shots and went home around 11pm

i received alot of messages from my schoolmates asking me about sec 5 and stuffs
sorry didn’t replied all of ya’ll messages
and she left a message too
oh my things just kept breaking and now it’s like the most precious thing
i was engulfed in sorrow but that made me think that i don’t always have to make fake hopes for myself
guess i really had to give up
but someday i will regain my confidence from my old self
just a little bit more time please

and my heartbeat only says one name..