mood: ..
Fly, with all my heart
We can be as high as anyone else
Cause I’m about to show you
The whole world

I’ve just got to know you see
My soul was snatched in by your charms

As much as I think you’re always like that
You’ll always end up going somewhere
Leaving me behind alone again
I can’t reach you anymore

This dream is getting real,
My fleeting emotions turns to fear but
I finally met up with you
and everything I’ve endured turns into tears and overflows

We’re still flying high as it was,
As if the sky always been waiting for you to return
I’ll always wait, even though I know I’ll see you unlock my heart
Maybe you’ll come back tomorrow

As big as all these words,
I tried reaching you
But in reality was
I’m just a daydreamer,
Dreaming all about you, everytime..

Sunday of 6th January:
woke up around 12pm.
went out to repair ifah’s comp and,

why must everything revolves around me and i would always be the one making some hard choices
it’s been like this since like, forever
i really hate this, even with anyone i’m ALWAYS the one will be blamed and the only fault
all will always lies on me and
it sucks
i always kept having negative thoughts and it made me fickle about everything even when rejecting any offer or whatever